Be educated! Be educated in London

All of us deserve education. All of us should do things, which we love.

And that is the reason, why I packed my staff and moved to another country – Great Britain.

Why? I have been accepted to few colleges and universities in United Kingdom. I could not make a decision and it took long time, when I made a final YES, but now Iam here and I have a possibility to discover such an awesome city like is London. Haaah, London!

Middlesex University offers so many things to do and I started with things, which I didn’t know that they even exist! Such an fabulous idea, isn’t it?

I have decided to step forward from my comfort zone and do anything in very different way. I don’t like to be part of herd. I would like to be original, be myself. I wanna to reach my goals of my own. If I blindly follow anyone, I could not be proud of myself in the end of my journey. Even if it is much easier. Surely it is.

So now, I study at the amazing school, I can meet many interesting people, which usually help me with anything I need. I have a possibility to join things, I have never tried. I can improve myself in staff I would like to do in future and even if I decide to do anything else, there is always a way, how I can reach it.

I know that it will be such a complicated way, but it was my decision and I will have to follow the consequances of that. Or not? :))




Photo credit: Anezka Aubrechtova and Beril [girls in front of Tower Bridge], Lukas Cedivoda [me and telephone]


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