England during times…

When I was little and I wrote some stuff to my school, I didn’t write it nicely. But when I wrote the name ‘England‘ or ‘London,’ it was always the most amazing word in my dictate. Weird? Yeah.

Maybe that’s the reason, why I’m sitting at Middlesex university in London and write this article. Because it was my dream. For my whole life, or not?

Image result for dream[Resource of the picture]

For the first time, I saw England in 2008, when I was going with my school for trip to London. We were accommodated in English families. My level of English was made up of 2 tenses. [On the other side, it’s not much better nowadays, haha.] I was so excited about it. I remember the moment, when I came to Trafalgar square and I bought two pens, where was the picture of London Eye. Such an awesome thing. Or the moment, when I got to lost in front of Buckingham palace.

I also remember a moment, when I had very heavy bag for a long time. And I was so weird, that I take it with me for the whole week.


2008                                                                   2011                                                    2013

Hah, the first pic is one of the first in London.

In 2011, I was going to London with my great uncle Pepik and aunt Martina. He wanted to show us many sights in Britain. I spent there 2 weeks and saw many of them. I still remember many stuff, which was shown by him. I have to say that nowadays I draw from this trip in every cases.

Because it’s very cool to wear ‘I love London’ in London, isn’t it?

The third one was in 2013, when I was attending Summer school in Beckenham in southern of London. I spent there 3weeks, I met many people all around the world and I practised my English. I really enjoyed it. At the end of my staying in London, I experienced one of the biggest surprise in my life.

                                               Some people from my school in Beckenham


                                                                 This was my best surprise.

The fourth time was last year in March. When I was celebrating my 18th birthday, one of my gift was a flight ticket to London. I was so excited. It was another option to see England from different side. In this time, I didn’t expect myself to go to UK like a student. It is incredible, that I’m here. Absolutely stunning for me.

10987484_1054346704575378_1114876295242688877_o                                                      Welcome to Wonderland… Or Camden…

And the last time is now. Studying. Or pretending of studying. It’s probably the biggest challenge in my life and I have to accept it. Every situation in UK helped me to get to know myself. I hope that everything is gonna be alright and I will make it. Crossing my fingers.

Thank you for support,

Love, Anezka





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