Be independent…

When you are sitting in the Café and you are thinking about life, you usually don’t think about yourself, but about people, which you are surrounded by.

I don’t mean people, who are your family, but exactly people, who are with you in the same room… Or whatever… In the opposite of mine is sitting one group of ladies with their children. They are probably escaping from their reality. They are laughing, talking to each other, gesticulating and pretending to be free. They are free, of course. They live in the United Kingdom, free country. But on the other side, they have so many common duties, like all of us. In terms of their children, they are drinking their juices and talk about cars and dolls. Such a typical topic for children. I think, that sometimes even adults would like to discover the realm of children. That’s so innocent.

But we shouldn’t speak about other lives. Because that’s not OUR life. We should accept lives of other people and be interested just in ourselves. It’s not our business, that someone is going to spend her/his holiday in Australia. It’s not our business, that someone has the higher salary than we do. It’s not our business, that someone lives better than we. If we would like to do anything from that, we could. If we are caring about other people, we would never be concentrated on ourselves. I don’t say, that we have to be bumptious, but we should filter what is needed and what not. If we are interested in our family, friends, people who inspire us, it’s absolutely fine. It’s needed to have people, which can help us in every situation. People, who support us, even if we don’t have the best day. People, who can tell us the truth and we will accept it and we will want to reach the goals. With them. But if we’re following any ‘star’ and we don’t know anything about her/his opinions and us just blindly follow it, it’s not exactly the thing we supposed to do. We should live OUR life. Not a life of others.

Just feel FREE to do ANYTHING in your life. You are the person, which have to LIVE the life. No others.

Furthermore, if we see some people and we are jealous of them, we suppose that they are rich. The wealth can be understood in many ways. The most common are having money. Many people have enough stuff for buying everything they want, but it doesn’t mean that they are happy. On the other side, there are people who don’t have so much material things, but they are happily. They founded love and peace in their lives and they usually don’t want to know what other people think about them. They are independent. They are interested in their OWN lives.

And that’s the point of this article. We should know, that we should be at the first place in our lives. We and closest people to us. We should be surrounded by people, who can give something to our life. If we become independent, it can be sometimes much better than winning a fortune.

Love, Anezka


Photo credit: Anezka AubrechtovaLukas Cedivoda, mum Zdeňka Aubrechtová

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