Skiing in London?

If anyone came to me last year and he told me that I would ski in UK, I couldn’t believe him.Yes, that’s the reason, why I have such a beautiful blue stain. Because I didn’t believe, that it’s really possible to be there and experience different slope, than is in the Alps. I joined to Snow sports club at uni. This Thursday, we’re going to go to Scotland to Buddies programme, where we will compete for our school. Sounds cool? Yes, it is. But there is one problem, something what wasn’t assumed.

Different slope. Have you ever skied on a dry slope? Imagine white carpet and yourself going downhill. It’s not so easy, how it maybe sounds. Or is it?

Resource of the pictures: Here

And the real Alps? This pictures were taken 2months ago in Austria – Hintertux Gletscher



But back to the dry slope…

For the first time, I stood on top of that and I looked down. I was telling myself, that I have to make it. I have been skiing for 15 years, being an instructor. That’s the MAIN point, why should I manage that. And I set off. The first time was weird. Like really, really weird. It was so bad. I felt like an idiot, that I have decided to join to Snow Sports club and compete for them. I spent there about two hours, I have to say that all of us improved and finally, I survived. Lucky one. That’s another challenge, isn’t it?

So, I survived. Everyone else survived and I was so lucky, I could go like a normal skier. Or pretend to be a normal one. Willing wish? Yes it is. But that’s the point of our life. It doesn’t matter, what we try, if we really want to try it. It doesn’t matter, what we want, if we really want to be part of something and if it is a thing, which can improve our life in one second.

Love, Anezka


Photo credit: Anezka Aubrechtova, Eliska Aubrechtova, Dry slope – resource is under the pics.



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