Home, sweet home.

Studying abroad has one such a big fact.  You are far away from your family, life and you have to build another one.

You’re eighteen, nineteen or twenty and you are going to the uni. You can be a bit disappointed about your home country and school which offers or you just failed in the exams and you are looking for an alternativity.

One of them can be going to another country and study there. And I was just one of the many people who made such a big decision to go there and study. Or pretend to study.


“pretend to study” – deadlines are coming…


When I was small, I had a dream to go to London. This dream came true in 2008 and in this time I couldn’t expect what the future can bring. It was at the time when I knew that I would go to the grammar school and probably spend 8years there – so long time, isn’t it?

And then, in January I applied to UCAS system and sent my applications to the United Kingdom – thank you UniLink, because without you I couldn’t study there because I couldn’t make the whole administration just on my own. Believe me – British people don’t have anything easy.

But come back to nowadays, I was accepted to universities than I have to make a final decision. It was such a long process after that, because I didn’t know if I go to the Britain, even when I was accepted. Because of family, … My priority was one of the Czech university – Charles University in Prague/ Marketing communication and PR. But unfortunately (now, fortunately) I wasn’t accepted, because I couldn’t write SCIO tests so perfectly. If I write it a bit better, I couldn’t study right now in Britain.

But now, I’m in the UK and I can enjoy everything, what offers. I can do everything I can – joining societies, educate myself, almost everything I want, but there is one thing which I missed so much. My family.

Someone can tell that it is stupid to think about a family. Not me. The family is the most important part of my life and I left them – because of study. I left them because of my future. Am I not selfish? My family is my recourse. They are there for me every minute, every second. They love me and I love them. That’s the only thing, which I regret about my time in England – that we don’t have so much time like we could if I stay home.


My family – my graduation


Home… Such an irrelevant name. Many people don’t like to go home, but I love my Home. That’s the place, where I’m myself and where everyone loves each other. There aren’t any conditions, there is just a love.

So, for me, it was such an awesome feeling when I get on the airplane and I went Home for couple days. It wasn’t such a long time, but I enjoyed it as much as I can. I was going with my sister, mom, Lukas, David and Dixie [dog] to the wood and feeling the smell of the forest. Or kiss my mommy for a good night, hug everyone, say to my daddy that I love him and so many others situations, which are so common, that the only thing, which you can do is love them.

Enjoy every moment, which you can spend with your closest ones, because then you would be happy. More happy that without them.


Love, Anezka

Photo Credit: Anezka Aubrechtova, Lukas Cedivoda, Hana Cedivodova, Kristyna Topinkova


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