Family & Christmas and changing during times…

Christmas is a celebration of family, where everything is in the peaceful and nice way. Where the main purpose is sharing love with people you beloved and where everyone smiles in every minute.

Or not.

When I listen to my parents, they usually say to me that time changed and the view of Christmas in their childhood was much different from mine. (For comparing, they are children of 70s.) They were much modest than we are nowadays. They, how I understood not just from them but also from their peers, wanted just one thing because they appreciate everything they had. They usually knew, that the social situation of a family couldn’t be awesome in every case. And they keep it nowadays. If you ask them, what they would like to receive, they tell you, that they had everything. And kiss you to your hair. They hug you and tell you, that the most important thing is standing next to them and that they are happy, that we can be together for some couple times.

And that’s not a lie.

Actually, I don’t think that this situation is in every family, but I really appreciate, that I have the family like that. Am I lucky? Probably yes. Even if my parents had divorced, I can still feel the love to me. And my sister. They are like best friends and I’m always so happy for that relation between them.

But back to Christmas in the most common way. Christmas is a Christian celebration. Who is a Christian? Is everyone a part of this community? No. I’m not a Christian and I celebrate Christmas – should I? I think that Christmas lost the main purpose and it became such a commercial event, when everyone wants more and more presents, even if they know, that it is not needed.

But even, if people don’t celebrate it because of religion tradition, they can celebrate it because of beloved people. We should appreciate every second, which we can spend in their presence. Because we can never know, when it would be for the last time.

Thank you, my family, for being such an awesome family to me!


Love and Merry Christmas to everyone,


Photo credit: Ben White - here


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