Breeding station of the Bernese Mountain Dogs

For my whole life, I was surrounded by dogs, who had been always a part of my family. And they are usually our best friends. Or not?

When I was born, we had a dog called Beny, she took care of me and it was excluded to hurt me. She was so lovely and everyone loves her, she was the proper member of our family, which was made up of me, mom, dad, sis and of course Beny.

She died, when she was about at the age of 13. Even when we know, that she had been the important part of our family, more than one year later, we had bought another dog, she is called Dixie. And she is so hyperactive and really awesome dog.

Then my parents had divorced and Dixie stayed in my daddy’s house – and she is still a member of our family, even if my mom doesn’t live in that house anymore. I see her very often, splitting time between my parents and spending time with Dixie, Ema and Aja [you will know, who are them in the next paragraph.]

My mom always loved dogs and she loved Bernese Mountain Dogs, a few years later, she has decided to buy Ema. She started to train her and Ema started to be happier. She was really fearful when she came to our home. My mom felt in love with that and she has decided to open “breeding station of Bernese Mountain Dogs, called “Ctiborsky bernacek.”

The annual video of “Ctiborsky bernacek” in few minutes :]

When Ema was about 3 years old, she was pregnant and this year, she gave birth to three puppies – Ája (she stayed with us, like the first-born puppy), Ajax (the first male puppy), Agnes (called after me. So happy for that). Because they are paper puppies, they had to be called by the first letter of the alphabet.

Ema and Aja, who hadn’t been docile. :] It’s not typical.

Have a dog at home is one of the best things in my life, if you are sad, you can go there and hug them. If you need advice, you go to them and forgot what you wanted because they want to play with you. If you need a company, you can walk and speak to them. They are such a good company in every case. And I’m happy that I can be a part of that.

Puppies wanted to eat directly from the package.

So, if you want to know more, and speak Czech, you can go to and see more! :]

Love and have an absolutely wonderful end of this year! :] The next one is going to be incredible!


Love, Anezka


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