Have you ever thought what everything can be changed by one decision? By decision that you would step forward instead of going backward?

Our life is full of moments, when we have to make a decision – decision, which can change be unimportant or decision, which can change our life or a while or forever.


Sometimes, when I’m on the tube, walking somewhere, sitting in school or talking to my friends, I usually telling myself what would happen, if I changed one decision in my life. Would I be still speaking to these people? Would I still have these relations with people? Or would I be someone absolutely different, because I wouldn’t do things in the same order like now?


Is it really a big thing or is it anything that is not so important like I supposed?

In last few years, there had been cases, when people stereotyped some things – going to work, eating every 3 hours, speaking with their colleagues, but then, something happens. The morning was almost the same as previous days, but they had been a bit late, because of something. It can it be because of family stuff, it could be because of illnesses, but even if these people wanted to reach everything like usual, it hadn’t happened. For example, they couldn’t catch the plane and the plane felt down. They couldn’t go to the work, because their children were ill and they survived the 11th September. They waited for one more second on the lights, and they survived because the car was going too fast and if they had been there, they would be killed. There are many cases of these people and it is just up to us, if we would be angry for one moment when we are late or if we would believe, that the things, which happen have some reason.

That’s the true, that something like this can happen, but in 99,9% it is BASED ON US, how would we decide. Someone can tell us his opinion, but at the end of the day, it is up to us, what would we do. If you want to have any job, follow your dream. If you want to go somewhere and you don’t have enough money, do everything for reaching this goal. If you want to speak some people, speak. If you want to try something new, don’t hesitate and do it. No one can’t do it instead of you.


In our lives, there are really some moments, which can change it forever. And even if we don’t realize it, we should respect it. We should listen to our hearts and be honest with ourselves because without that, we can’t independently decide what we do and even if there is something, what we are not able to decide, we should always be happy for every awesome moment, which is in our lives.

Believe in yourself, believe in every better day than the previous ones! And really, do ONE THING WELL, it’s enough! The thing has to be good based on you! :]




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