Let it snow, let it rain!

The difference between my home country, the Czech republic, and the country where I study, England, is really huge, but one of the biggest ones is the attitude to the weather. And THIS attitude is huge!

If you come to England, it looks like that weather is the most discussed topic ever. People are not speaking about anything else if they meet you for the first time. Really not.

People are always complaining about raining and instead of that, they would like to see snow, like proper snow! This year, I experienced it once. And everyone was so excited!

In the Czech republic, if you speak about the weather, everyone is surprised. Everyone supposes that the person is totally mad, like totally. So, let’s see the differences!


Czech people: Cool, it is snowing again, -20 is really cool, let’s go to the hill and we are gonna sled. Or, will we go to the mountains and would we ski? Cross country or downhill? I would be much faster than you dude!

Austria2017 few days ago

Britain: Can you take a picture of me with snow? Can I touch snow? I have never ever seen snow before! Skiing? Do you really want to tell me that people are going on some boards? In the mountains?  How many kilometers per hours do they go? Can it be really almost 100km? Oh my God!


A few weeks later

Czech people: It’s still snowing. Still freezing. I want the sun.

Britain: It’s still raining. Still and still.


Czech people: Oh come on, guys! It’s not fun anymore!

Britains: SNOW, SNOW, SNOW. It appears just in the TV, oh nooo. Let it snow more, or once, just once in my life! Please!


And if you miss snow, turn on Youtube and you will find some videos online.


I’m not sure if this article fulfilled the expectations, but I thought that it would be much fancier than it is,


But, it doesn’t matter,




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