Our individual evolution…

During our lives, we have many moments when we are telling ourselves that we had made a mistake. But without the mistake, we would never be the same person who we are now.

Having moments, which we usually don’t like to have it, is typical for every person worldwide. It is normal. It is normal that we have done something that we are not proud of. It is humane. But we have to learn how to accept the consequences.

It doesn’t matter if is it positive or negative. It is important that it is a change, which influences us. And we have to accept it. Or we should. It always depends on which side are we choosing. We always have two options.

1] We would accept it and we will do our best

2] We would try to avoid these changes even if we know that it can be much harder for us in the future.

What is easier? Number 2! BUT, it is not what we are looking for, we are looking for the solution and it is hidden in NUMBER 1! That’s the right answer, yeees! :]

Having memories is very important. And sometimes it can be very difficult to keep them. It’s not just about the hangover, tiredness, etc. It can be hard for us to have them in our mind. But it is necessary. Every “bad” situation can bring us something unpredictable. Something that we can use in our future. And if we would remember it, we can avoid the same mistake again. And we can build our personality better and better. We are still closer to being ourselves.


On the other side, during our life, we experience many moments, which make us happy. It can be love, friendships, funny situations, whatever. It can be something when we laugh like small children and when we don’t care who is around. It is just about us. And even from these experience, we can learn.


I. For my whole life, I still learn from my experience from Sun Bay City. It is a place in the middle of nowhere, where I spent three weeks each summer. And it is probably the most beautiful place ever. We used to sail on a ship, we used to be the clan of people who want to find their flag and defeat our friends. It is a place, where everyone found his first love and the place, which absolutely changed my mind.


I can be MYSELF. I can do I want. I could help people. People helped me. I was surrounded by someone who is excited to help others and who wants, like me, have same awesome experience. We were in the different world where hadn’t been any mobile phones, tablets or internet.

We had many adventures. We were “sailing” under the coat of arm of the eight-pointed sun in the blue field. We competed absolutely in everything. We supported each other. We loved each other. And these friendships last forever. So do we.

So, we really have to take something from every experience which we have. And if we are ourselves in each situation we can be proud of us. We can be proud of people which we became.

It doesn’t matter how hard it is. If we make it, it makes us stronger. And that it is what it is about. 🙂


Love, Anezka



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