Being yourself is not a mistake…

Everyone is made by experience. Everyone is made by itself. And it doesn’t matter if the experience is bad or good – it is still the part of us.

During our lives, we experience many moments which are called later as “memories.” It can be everything – the birth of our siblings, first day of school, meeting our future partner or even one party or one moment in the tube.


And everything can change our life.

Do you remember the Pierre et Luce [Peter & Lucy] by Romain Rolland? Peter met Lucy in the tube and their life had changed forever. And it was just one touch. Then they met and they were happy for a while because they wanted to be happy. They were themselves…

Every small piece of our experience makes us. Our personality and our life story are made by experience which we have – it sounds like the cliche, but it is not. :]


During my life, I have some moments when I supposed that these moments are not so important to me. But they were and based on them I am the completely different person than I had been before.

When I was younger, it is a few years ago, I had one friend and once I wrote down something to the message to another girl. And she realized it. It wasn’t nice from my side, even from hers – she was looking to my phone without permission. But I made the bigger mistake, I wasn’t so willing to say to her. And since the time, I started to be much more honest. And now, I don’t mind what other people think about me. Now, it is just me. And if someone doesn’t like me, it is because of me and not because of someone I would pretend to be.

And that’s absolutely fabulous feeling. Being yourself.

Anezk1 199

Because if you don’t feel well, just leave…


But I have many positive experiences and I’m so grateful for them every day. It can be the first kiss – which was so embarrassing because I ran away. I had an option to do stage dive at the concert of Horkyze Slize. My parents gave me the option to ski and they helped me to improve my carving and then I became the ski-instructor when I was pretty young. I visited many countries with my family. I founded my own educational organization. I moved to London because of study. My mom showed my the right way how to steer a boat. And both of them, my mom and dad, taught me how to survive. :] And it is not the end.

And that’s the moment I appreciate most. They raised me to the person I can be proud of. Even if I do many mistakes, they had done so much for me. It doesn’t matter that I couldn’t have attended every disco, it is important that I can be the person I would like to be.

So, many memories built my personality, but I don’t regret any moment because based on them, I am the person. I am the person, who knows that making mistakes is not the failure but building the personality. Being yourself is not a mistake…






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