The world which is full of fear…

The world is surrounded by many things – fear, violence, wars or basically, problems. Even though, there are many things which can make our live better, easier – love, family, friends or anything that makes us happy. And that’s the thing which we should be focused on.

In our lives, there are many moments, when we have a fear. When we are surrounded by something with what we don’t agree – but we have to accept it, or not.

The main purpose of this article is yesterday’s attack in London, which is alarmed. Many innocent people died because of decision which hasn’t been made by them. They died because someone was so selfish to solve their issues in a different way. In my opinion, they were afraid. They were afraid to do things differently. Someone manipulated them to do it and they did it because they have a fear. It is easier to say that you are doing something because of someone else – because then, you don’t have to take any responsibility for your actions.

And it influences all of us, even if we don’t realise. They want us to be afraid to go anywhere. They want us to do what they want. But we can’t do it in this way! We have to be closer to each other and we have to support things which are important – love, solidarity and peace.

This topic is a really huge part of our lives, but if we would be afraid, we won’t be able to do anything. If we would sit home and star to the wall, we won’t be able to change it. How John Lewis said:

“If not us, then who?
If not now, then when?”

It is very important to OVERCOME YOUR FEAR. It is important to know what we want and if we really want to live in this beautiful world, it is needed to stop the manipulation. And try to do your best to improve this world. Many innocent people died, don’t increase this number. Be the person who makes this world better – better for everyone.

I was working 100meters from the place, where people had died. And believe me, it is not a comfortable feeling if you know what happens. If your manager comes to you and says that kind of information. Be brave and try to make this world more beautiful, because it is really hard to live in the world which is full of fear.


Be brave and careful. Be yourself.


Love, A.


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