Sides of barricade…

In our lives, there are many moments, when we have to choose the side. When we have to choose on which side of barricade we want to stand. And which side we want to support. Truly. From the bottom of the heart. Or not.

Everyone is coming from different part of the world and many of us do what our parents thought us. Different families = different issues. But they made our attitude to things. They thought us how to deal with something. They showed us a way. They showed us their true. But it is just up to us what we consider to be true and what is a lie. We have to decide if we would like to support true or something

It is not good if you, non-critically, accept everything that is around you. If you absorb everything that everyone says to you and you consider it as the best fact ever. You just can’t. Or you shouldn’t.

You just have to be yourself and believe in YOUR INSTINCT! Believe in yourself. Believe in things which make you stronger! The things, in which you believe, can be a hoax, but on the other side, it can be the best thing. At the end of the day, you have to live with YOURSELF. And it is very very challenging. But important.

And another big issue is if we want to blindly do something, we would never ever be the happiest people on the Earth…


Do what you want to do, find the truth in your heart and be yourself in every second. That’s something that makes you stronger and invincible. Find the truth, find yourself and you can be the most satisfied person. Because you are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your desire. So do the best possible things, because if you see yourself in the mirror and you will not recognize the person, something is wrong.


Change it! And then your breathing will be much easier. :]





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