Life. Summer. Love. Changes…

During life, we have many moments, when we have to accept changes. Small changes, huge changes. Moments, which are coming and leaving and moments which are going to change our lives. Completely.

Sometimes, you just have to change the direction.


Many people are afraid of changes. So do I, sometimes. But there is no point, why we should be afraid. Why should I be afraid of my life? Why should I be afraid of something that I can’t change anymore? Why shouldn’t I take the best from it and deal with that in the most amazing way?


If you accept the change and then choose the thing which is ideal for you :]


It can be difficult sometimes. And it is, usually. But if you challenge yourself, you are going to be a winner. Because you made it. You dealt with those things.

It is understandable that you are afraid. But it is not acceptable if you don’t like to give a chance to change the change. And make the best thing for YOU!

It’s not selfish if you think about yourself. It is selfish if you think JUST about yourself. But on the other side, you are the first person you have to deal with. If you are not happy, you can’t share happiness. If you are angry, you would probably share your anger. Not positivity which you are surrounded by.

We live just once. If you take the chance to live your life for one hundred percent. Because then, you can accept changes and take the best from them! :]


Enjoy your life, enjoy every moment and be yourself in every each second, because then, it is impossible to regret anything! :]

Heeey, that’s it! :]


B & W




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