Because I’m important.

Have you ever realized what everything you are doing because of other people? And is that always anything what you deeply want to?

“Do what makes you happy.” “Follow your dreams.” Having motivation speeches can be awesome, but follow them can be much harder. During our lives, we are in many situations where we have to decide. And sometimes, it can happen, that we have to choose between things which are good for others or for us. And often people choose what is good for others instead of them. But why?

We should be the person who is the most important for us because then we would be able to make even others happier

Do what you want to do – because of you, not because of others.


Just couple of examples. :]


Do you want to travel, but you don’t have anyone to accompany you? Go by yourself! I was going by myself to England to study, to Cologne for a trip and now I’m in California. By myself. You can always meet people wherever you go and it can help you. If you really want to do it, there is nothing that can stop you.


Just because you are wearing something that others doesn’t authorize, you don’t have to be frustrated. Don’t change yourself because of others, change yourself because of yourself. Today, when I was going for a lunch, I thought what I can wear. And then something came into my mind and I was like: “I don’t like to wear any bra today.” And I felt so different. So comfortable. Like I wanted to feel. And I have decided to do it more often – because of me.


Have you ever stopped to speak with anyone just because someone else had said that he would be strange? And is it fair? You can speak with whoever you want to speak. And be friendly to everyone who you like. It’s your friendship, isn’t it?

Changes in lives

I believe that everyone has listened “you are different. you changed so much.” And we felt bad. But we shouldn’t feel in this way. People coming and leaving. And if we feel comfortable in this position, in our new I, we can be proud and not afraid of changes. We are changing every each second. But without changes, we couldn’t improve ourselves. We are so important to ourselves, aren’t we? Accept those changes, and others will accept them later. If you care.


Have you ever experienced that you are so rude to YOURSELF? It can be difficult but stop. If you don’t like yourself, you can’t like properly anyone else.


Everything starts with us.





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