8000 years old, but still alive…

Yosemite National Park, the heritage of our world.

Having the option to stand at the place, which is on the other side of the world and which created the natural heritage is amazing. Standing at the place, which is full of amazing atmosphere and thinking what everything happened over there during the history is crazy, but amazing at the same time.


Yosemite National Park. Place, which is full of history in California. There are so many beautiful parks, but the first which I had the chance to visit was Yosemite.

Going around and seeing those places made me thinking about everything that happened over there during the history. What were people, who lived there, (based on the evidence, the first ones should have been there 8K years ago!) had been doing? How did they treat each other? What happened at this stone? Was it always in this way? What about the lake and waterfalls? Was it always so high? Or higher?

Being there gives you the option to think about those moments, which potentially could happen over there. But who knows? I just feel so weird, when I realized that I’m 400 times younger, then the time, when first people had lived over there. Isn’t it crazy? The chance, that we still have the option to see something similar (and even totally different) at the same time?


And what everything does Yosemite offer? A lot!

Because it’s winter, many places are closed, but we still got a chance to see Mirror Lake or Waterfall. And mountains. Huge mountains. And forests. Many forests.


Mirror Lake. It is actually not a lake, even though people call it in this way. It is the last remark of the large glacier lake, which used to be over there. It is not deep, it is actually pretty shallow. But it is ideal for taking off your shoes and hanging around! And who cares that there is snow and people look at you as you would be crazy. I didn’t. I was the person.


Waterfall. It is so high! I have never seen anything that would be so high. Actually, it was the first waterfall which I have seen in this way. And maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because it is considered as one of the highest ones in the world. It is made up of three waterfalls and the highest part looks like a fog! Honestly, it looks like as some movie effect, but it’s amazing!

Looking at those mountains and trees, which are part of world heritage is incredible. If you are so short, as I do, you can even enjoy it much more. My friends were kinda surprised, when I started to behave childishly and when I wanted to enjoy the whole atmosphere as children do. Enjoying the whole atmosphere every each second – sliding on ice, looking around, smiling to everyone and being always behind because I just needed to have a picture (ok, video) of everything! But it was great. And then I just have decided to go to the lake. If you have a bet with your mom to go to every sea, ocean or water which you see, it is necessary to go even there. Why not?


And then, driving back. I was kinda exhausted, but it worth it! And because I was surrounded just by German people (who wanted to speak German,) I might even improve my skills of the language which I’m really bad in.




Ok, I didn’t improve it at all. Maybe next time!


(When you see snow for the first time in 2018, you have to convince someone to take a picture of you, because you just have to send it to your mom that California can be really cold. And that snow really exists here!)


Have a lovely day,





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