Hawaiian adventure

Having the chance to visit the middle of Pacific is incredible. And being over there is much more amazing then just having the chance! 🙂

Neverending beaches, unbelievable diving or the most romantic nights under stars. That’s how many of us know Hawaii. But there is much more. Pearl Harbor, Stairway to heaven or Koko Head are just a few examples of the heritage which is in the group of Hawaiian islands.

But today, I would like to take it from the beginning. Even though, it is difficult to find the beginning in the island. (haha – now you should laugh.)

With a couple of my friends, we spent our spring break in Oahu. And it was incredible. In many ways. We experienced a lot. But it worth it.


WHAT WAS AMAZING? 🙂 (In this article, you get a chance to see the video which I have made for this adventure.)


I have never thought that I would get a chance to camp in Hawaii. But it has happened. We were camping straight next to the beach, which hasn’t been crowded (northeast part of the island.) I have never thought that I can be burnt. But it happened. The sun is much powerful over there.

Having a campfire was nice, even though the first night was so difficult to keep it alive. People from towns. Sitting next to the fire, listening to the good playlist, being surrounded by friends and having a beer in your hands (or non-alcoholic drink if you don’t drink that.) It looked like as the American cliché, but it worth it.

We were eating hot dogs every day while we’ve been camping. Once we dressed up nicely to go to the restaurant and we ended up in the fast food, because everything else has been closed.

Camping has two huge advantages – it is cheap and you are out of your battery very soon. Which was great. We literally got the chance to live. Nowadays, everyone is surrounded by many kinds of social media, but being without them, even for a while, gave us the option to enjoy the moments together. We can always take pictures on GoPro or DSLR. 🙂  Yes, they survived with my always-shooting mode.

If you would like to stay in this lovely place, where people are super nice, you can have a look at their page. http://www.malaekahana.net/

There is the shop very close to the place, so it is not a problem to go there and buy something you need. Just for letting you know, many places in this non-tourist part of the island is closed on Sunday. It is almost without tourists but it is really beautiful. Or maybe it is because why it is beautiful.

After few nights of complaining of my friends (Yes, Adam, speaking about you,) we moved to Honolulu. From there we were doing some other trips then just hanging out on the beach.

MANOA FALLS (http://manoafalls.com/)

This is something that you have to see. It is in the middle of the jungle. And you just walk up. It is not difficult, but you have to keep in your mind that there is mud everywhere. And believe me that I know what I am speaking about. I felt like hundreds of times because I wanted to “explore” more. Don’t ask, I’m just in the way.  Then we came here and it was amazing. There has been a couple of people but it hasn’t been so so crowded.



KOKO HEAD (http://www.best-of-oahu.com/koko-crater-trail.html)

The same day, our friend wanted to see Koko head, so we headed there. Imagine the railway, which is going to the heaven. And it is Koko head. And it is legal. Which is great, if you compare it to Stairway to heaven which I am dreaming about but I haven’t gotten a chance to hiked there. But anyway, back to Koko head. It is nice, but not the easiest one which I have ever done before. If you are not a kind of the person who hates sports and moving at all, you will be disappointed. If you like something new, you’ll love it. I did.

PEARL HARBOR (http://www.pearlharborhistoricsites.org/pearl-harbor/arizona-memorial

I believe that everyone has heard about it. 7th December 1941 has changed the whole world. There is the place, which is dedicated to people who didn’t survive the attacks. It is possible to see the museum, torpedos, ships and especially USS Arizona Memorial, which has been built on top of the sunken ship. It is really beautiful how nicely they treat it. It is unimaginable to understand the moment, that in one second so many people just disappeared. The whole complex is describing the history very detailed. The atmosphere which you would be surrounded by, you just have to experience it.


Ideal place for hanging out, but full of incredible places. There is the biggest hospital in the Pacific Ocean or the Cemetery which is huge.



  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Diamond Head

=) Have you been there? How was it? 🙂

Sometimes, I really have to say that traveling can make you tired. When I felt exhausted, it was really great to take Maté, which was helpful, as usual. 🙂 My mom, long time ago, showed it to me, and since the time, I am taking it everywhere with me. 🙂 If you would like to try it because it is much better then coffee, try it here. 🙂 www.ilovehummus.cz, but better on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ILoveHummusCZ/

Especially, during the process of editing video, it was great. 🙂


ANNDDDD! VIDEO! Hip hip hip! 🙂

Any feedback apprecited!


Have a lovely day,



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