Yellowstone, the miracle of our nature.

The incredible nature and the timed bomb which influences the world every day.

Yellowstone is the national park which is located in the USA. It is situated in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming and it is the second oldest national park in the world, after Bogdkhan Uul. Thus, it is one of the biggest miracles in the world which is full of secrets.

Today, I will present you my photo-essay which is called “Yellowstone, the miracle of our nature.”

Anezka Aubrechtova-81Anezka Aubrechtova-62Anezka Aubrechtova-59Anezka Aubrechtova-51Anezka Aubrechtova-35Anezka Aubrechtova-32Anezka Aubrechtova-20Anezka Aubrechtova-9Anezka Aubrechtova-6Anezka Aubrechtova-3

Under Yellowstone, there is a huge volcano. If it goes, on the Earth, many unpredictable things will happen. Let see if we are going to experience it one day or not.


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