Get lost… Like in fairy tales?

Get lost. Drift away. This is the moment when you can just disappear… And discover new things.

When I was entering the first class of “Writing the city” this year, I didn’t know what to expect from it. Knowing just a tiny bit about the module showed me that I should be excited…

Thus, then I have realized. The first rule which has appeared on the whiteboard. Get lost. Isn’t it weird? In every each academic module, you’re supposed to be super organized. But not here, Writing the city shows us that getting lost in some sort of way can be the best thing which can happen to us.

And it remained me Czech fairy tales.

Young men are going to explore the world and they are looking for their bride. And then, they are usually married to the princess. The only thing which they carry with them is a bag with cakes on their shoulders and themselves. That’s the way how many Czech older fairy tales start.

They don’t know where they are going and they have no clue what happened following day. They just enjoy the moment, exploring the world and they see what the world and life bring to them. They usually have to be really courageous, brave and overcome any barriers to their dream girl, who usually appear by total accident. Then they fall in love and they have their happily ever after.

But it doesn’t work in this way in a proper world. Or does it? Depends. It is up to us if we are going to let ourselves lost or if we are going to depend on the path which someone else showed us. Sometimes, it is great to leave the proper way and go to the wood. You can discover much more. You can find beautiful nature, make your own garland from flowers or just discover inner peace with the new places.

Just because you got lost one day…

Like in the fairy tales. They got lost one day. They did something that they haven’t done ever before and it showed them their own path. Their own new journey. Everything worth trying. If you want to discover the world, try it with the smallest pieces around you. Do something that scares you. Every day. Go somewhere where you’ve never been before. Buy the cheapest ticket and discover the new part of the world. Or your own country. Or your city. Or your street. You may be surprised how many places you don’t know even if you supposed the opposite one. And you never know what you can find on the journey.

Just get lost. And find yourself.





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