We can’t dance on a dead planet…

The climate is in danger. And if we want to live on a planet where we can peacefully live, we have to fight for it right now.

The planet is an old lady. Old lady with lots of experiences and incredible history.

We cannot live without her, but she can live without us. We have to fight to save her. We have to be here to decrease the damage which we had caused. If not now, when?

We cannot dance on a dead planet, we cannot breathe on a dead planet. We cannot live on a dead planet. And right now, the Earth is the only place in the entire universe where we can live.

These days, there is a huge environmental protest in London. And I would like to share a couple of pictures of people who are willing to spend a couple of days barricading Waterloo bridge or stopping traffic next to Big Ben.

We are as strong as our community is. Right now is the moment when we have to do something beneficial not only for us but for the next generations as well. Go through the pictures and see how powerful we can be together. And yes, it’s worthy.


Do it for yourself. Do something meaningful for everyone you know. We are on the same side of the barricade. You, me. All of us.






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