Coronavirus. Kindness. Panicking?

London. Coronavirus. Panicking?


Studying in London has many advantages. You live in one of the greatest metropolis in the entire world, you can get to know every culture and you can improve your knowledge of basically anything in the entire world. Moreover, it’s a cosmopolitan city. And that’s what may be a problem sometimes.

As many of us are realise the importance of the coronavirus increase every day, I decided to share my perspective with the rest of the world. Because, why not? I’m a student and it influences me more than I have ever thought.

First of all, people are not worried about getting the virus as much as they are scared. The real “disease” is panic, which can destroy us even more.

I read an old story, which was about Death and her killing people because of the plague. She met an older man and he asked her how many people she wanted to kill. She said 50 000. He didn’t understand. “Why so many?” She hasn’t replied and she left. Many years after that, they’ve met each other again. “You said that you would kill 50 000 people. Why on Earth did you kill 150 000?” He said angrily. “I kept my promise, however, the rest of the people died because of the fear.”

It’s an important topic, no doubt about it, however, if we would be scared, we cannot help anybody. Nor ourselves.

All of these can be difficult and it’s tough. However, that’s not what this article is about. This article is about kindness, dedication and helping other people in these difficult times. From China to Italy, from North America to Australia, people help each other. They are dedicated to doing find a way how to make someone else’s life easier. And why? Because humans are unbelievably amazing and we’re willing to help others in difficult times. It’s true that very often we don’t realise it, however, in the situation as this one is, we figure out what’s truly important. It’s about people signing in Italy on their balconies, it’s about opening places where kids can eat because without schools, they wouldn’t have any meals. It’s about supporting food banks for people in need. It’s about the contribution to society with realising who we truly are and how we can help each other. It’s about sewing masks in the Czech Republic and giving them to people who need them most – doctors, nurses, cashiers, … This is the dedication why is so needed in our world. It can be sad to say that we need these disasters to realise who we truly are. And then, we are able to achieve unbelievable things together.

I see a huge difference in the last week. Being in London but being informed about issues happening in the Czech Republic showed me how differently can governments deal with the problem. When the Czech Republic is locked down, the UK is open. However, I see what’s happening and it’s unbelievable how many things follow the same pattern. A couple of weeks ago, the shelves in the supermarket in CZE were empty. The same is happening now in the UK. Last week, no one was wearing a mask in the Czech Republic, now it’s compulsory. The same pattern is now in London. However, it’s not only about masks, but it’s about our attitude as well. I’m not talking about higher prices for hand sanitizers, getting respirators or toilet paper which is almost everywhere out of stock, but I’m talking about the contribution to our society which is much more fundamental and important than ever before.


Please, keep ourselves informed. Share the important information, but don’t panic. Because at the end of the day, we will go through that. We will find a way how to sort it out. But if we would panic, it wouldn’t help anyone.

Let’s be focused on our kindness. Be focused on the way how we treat each other. Be focused on our loved ones and if we can find a way how to make their lives easier. That’s all that matters. Being here for each other.AubrechtovaAnezka-177


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